I am writing to Dr. Hirani to thank you for your help with my hip issues. I feel a lot better and I had a lot less pain after I had the treatments done. However, I also want to thank you the most for the treatments you did for my husband. After the first treatment, he was able to get off the medication and with each treatment his health had improved. I am very grateful, as I was really worried for him before he came to see you. I want to thank you very much for what you have done for him, and I want to wish you only the best in your professional and your personal life!

Thank you so much!

Rodi Radu

I have been seeing Dr.Hirani for 8 years and she has helped me with so many different pains and also general tune ups. It is a very healing, soothing and quiet environment and I always feel deep care when I am there.

Alanna Chelmick

I've been going to Dr. Ali since the beginning of the summer for DDD in my lower back. When I first started going I wasn't able to sleep at night and I had trouble sitting upright in a chair. He's been able to improve my lower back pain significantly with acupuncture. His treatment plan is really logical and i'm slowly but surely getting more mobility in my lower back with our weekly visits. Really professional service and Dr. Ali is lovely! Since I had such a good experience with acupuncture, I decided to see Alfred, the RMT for the clinic. Honestly one of the best massages I've ever had! I left feeling really relaxed. I highly recommend this clinic.

Christina Alulio

Dr. Ali is very nice. He actually fixed my back pain. very Professional and Friendly staff!!

Fatima Batool

I had a great experience with Alfred, one of the RMT's at Body & Spine. He managed to reduce my migraine pain almost entirely with his massage techniques in one appointment. Today I went in with severe shoulder pain and I came out able to move my neck and shoulders again. He really knows what techniques to use for body aches and pains and very much cares for his clients.

Kassandra Romero

What a wonderful experience. Dr. Hirani is a miracle worker! Personally, I’ve had many many massages and physiotherapy. Chiropractic treatment has been by far the best thing I’ve done for my body. At first, I was a bit skeptical, I wasn’t sure how the manipulation of the spine or nerves could help relieve pain. But, after my first consultation, Dr. Hirani (a wealth of knowledge) made me feel very comfortable. Now, I’m up to my 4th treatment and get excited to go back! Feeling good Body & Spine, oh and Sadi the receptionist is So nice! I’d recommend treatment to anyone.

Michelle Morin 

Dr. Ali is a genius with acupuncture. He has treated me for bursitis in my shoulder and another shoulder injury recently. I was in quite a lot of pain on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday I had an acupuncture treatment and followed his instructions regarding icing and by Friday I had 95% pain reduction and restoration of mobility. He is kind, professional and has a great sense of humour. HIghly recommended. 


Dr. Hirani and the team at Body & Spine are amazing. I jokingly call Dr. Hirani “my life coach” to friends and family as it is so much more than just an adjustment or accupuncture session. From day one, when I was pregnant with my first son in 2015, Dr. Hirani has taken a genuine interest in my overall well-being. Her words of wisdom and advice have always been part of her care to patients. She is such a genuine person and that shines through her work and care. I find I’m always leaving with a new perspective or new information to implement into my life and daily routine. Also need to praise Sadia who is the office administrator/front desk. It’s not easy juggling parenthood and prioritizing wellness and self-care but the team at Body & Spine makes it possible. Childcare is obviously not part of Sadia’s job responsibilities and yet she so kindly offers to hold my youngest son so I can focus on my care. She is always professional and helpful, and then to take on that extra effort certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

Sarah Choudhury

I was in the neighbourhood and decided to walk in to inquire about acupuncture for a sore back. Immediately the atmosphere of the clinic was warm and inviting much like a spa. Dr. Hirani explained about the acu and chiropractic services they offered and I was sold. You can tell she knew was she was talking about. I did an on the spot consultation and acu/chiro session and felt like a million bucks. My back has been aching for years I never sought any help for it till now. Dr. Hirani asks that you give it five sessions, but it only took me that one session to notice a huge difference. I never realized how much my body was holding in till I got a release. Naturally I will say that I recommend Dr.Hirani she's very pleasant calm and easy to talk to. She never pressures you and seems to have the patients best interest in mind. I have completed all 5 sessions and will continue to go for touch ups. My neck, shoulders and lower back havent felt this good in a long time. I'm very pleased with my results. Thanks body and spine !

Faiza Osman

Dr Hirani is amazing. I was 31 weeks pregnant and could barely walk because of a terrible sciatic pain. It’s very hard to find health care providers that are comfortable with pregnant women, post natal care and newborns! After 3-4 sessions the pain totally vanished and I’m now able to enjoy my last weeks as a mom to be! I’m now 39 weeks pregnant and hitting the gym everyday. I’m seeing Dr Hirani every week and sometimes even twice a week for adjustments. I have no waddle no back pain and I sleep like a a baby. I also never had acupuncture before and while I’m not scared of needles I wasn’t feeling totally comfortable with the idea. After a few chiropractic sessions with Dr Hirani And getting to know her, I knew that I could trust her and decided to give it a try and I absolutely don’t regret it! We are now working on keeping me feeling great and pain free until my little one shows up and prepare my body for labor. One thing is for sure, I will definitly have my baby benefit from Dr Hirani’s magic! Also the receptionists and really nice and caring! Clap clap Body & Spine. 

Perrine Mazereel

Dr. Hirani is so profesional and caring for his 10-year-old patient who responded to his treatment in an incredible way. His tics are 100% gone.

Veronique Charette

I started coming to Body & Spine in May (2018) due to a back injury I had in the Fall of 2017. I had terrible back/sciatic pain every single day. I tried to heal it on my own doing yoga/stretches, etc. but nothing worked. I was nervous to try a chiropractor, but after a little research I decided to give it a go. Body & Spine had some great reviews so I decided to try it out! The place is very inviting! I was very nervous going in but everyone there is very nice and accomidating. I’ve just finished my 9th visit with Dr. Hirani, and I have zero pain! I still can’t believe it. I haven’t felt this great/healthy in a very long time. Thank you Dr. Hirani and team!! Couldn’t be happier!

Margaret Foerster

This place came with a recommendation from my previous chiropractor Dr. Paul Kennedy. Although similar methods, but Dr. Hirani is very intuitive once she touches your body and understands your body well. She's patient and takes time to explain and answer your questions. Dr. Hirani also gives a good massage! Definitely worth trying this place out as even the receptionist and assistant Sally is so helpful and friendly. I like the fact they are on top of things too and very on time. 

Jessica Y. 

Dear Dr. Hirani:

I wanted to thank you first of all for taking me as your patient.  I was in excruciating back and sciatic nerve pain, and I was barely able to walk, but after coming to you for my treatments your gentle healing hands got me better, and today I am able to go back to doing all the things I used to do – at work, at home and socially.

I was also having knee pain occasionally, and after having a few knee treatments done I am happy to say my knees feel much stronger.

I look forward to continuing to see you for my maintenance treatments.

Once again, Dr. Hirani, my heartfelt thanks to you for your care and understanding. Your care has encouraged me to refer other family members to you.

Monica Mukerji

I first started to see Dr. Hirani about five months or so after the birth of my son.  I was having terrible pain in my lower back – so much so that I could hardly lift my wee guy!  I had always been very nervous about adjustments and acupuncture.  After meeting with Dr. Hirani all my worries have gone away.  I’m feeling better both physically and mentally!  I now even bring my son in to see Dr. Hirani.  

Dr. Hirani is a beautiful person inside and out – and I really can’t praise her enough!

Erica Henry

I came to see Dr. Hirani after suffering through ten years of chronic shoulder and neck pain. I had seen a number of health care practitioners but only experienced temporary relief. After four visits with Dr. Hirani I am pleased to report that my pain is almost gone, and I am able to do everyday activities that I love like Salsa Dancing again!  For the first time in ten years I feel like I can do the things that I love and not feel pain or suffer afterwards for staying active or having fun.  

Thanks Dr. Hirani for helping me get my life back!  Your treatment has helped my body and soul. 


I just want to say that Dr. Hirani is the best chiropractor ever, and I’ve had some good ones.  

I’ve never had a chiropractor put so much into a treatment.  She’s a great doctor and person – really nice and you can see she has passion for her work. 


“God Put Her Hands in Dr. Hirani’s Hands”  

Gladys Amaya, Big Carrot Staff

I’ve been receiving chiropractic care for over 20 years.  During this period of time I’ve received treatment from numerous chiropractors.  All of (them) have struggled with the adjustment of my neck and back.  Dr. H, you’re the first to adjust me on my numerous visits with you effortlessly.  But most of all you give me the pain free solace I’ve been seeking.

Barbara Cole

I was desperate for pain relief in my neck and took a chance and walked into body + spine.  Dr. Hirani took me right in.  As an acupuncturist myself and also having had many chiropractic treatments,  her treatment was amazing!!  Dr. Hirani exudes calmness, clarity in explaining what she's going to do and a "gentle strength" in her technique.  I'm doing a "Boot Camp" with her and feeling like a new woman! Thank You!  

Noel Wright, MSD.Ac

I started seeing Dr. Hirani during my 5th month of pregnancy - my lower back pain forced me to take some time off work and I could barely move, sit, lie down, walk down/up stairs without yelping in pain. Being only in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy I worried that it would only worsen. Within 3 treatments of seeing Dr. Hirani for chiropractic and acupuncture treatment the pain had almost disappeared - within 5 it had completely disappeared and now I only have to go for maintenance. Although I had tried chiropractic before I had never had acupuncture and the combination of both yielded amazing results. I am so thankful to Dr. Hirani for helping me heal and now the rest of my pregnancy doesn't seem as daunting. Thank you so much. Also - thanks to Mattie for being so kind and welcoming, with a friendly hello and goodbye at each visit.

Shannon Bernard

First words out of my mouth after my treatment on Thursday - "I can move again!!!" Followed by a text message to my brother "Oh man, just went to our fave chiro peeps and huge improvement on my quality of life lol." (Verbatim) This is where I learned the term 'self-care.' I sincerely appreciate Dr. Ali's and Dr. Hirani's holistic approach. It's like therapy for the body and soul. I think I've been going for 16 years and I consider it just the beginning... From maintenance to more acute issues, the treatment is healing and restorative and essential to my well being. I recommend Body & Spine wholeheartedly. And don't get me started on the massages...! Blissss

Katie Colvin

I have been going here for over ten years.  Chiropractors Dr. A. Ali and Dr Hirani, massage therapist  Alfred Fong are all amazing!  They are true professionals, caring and knowledgeable.  The staff are also extremely pleasant and they play nice music which helps you relax.  I have been in two car accidents, both times suffering whiplash. I was grateful to Dr Ali for not only helping me get mobile again and for filling out forms for the insurance in a timely and professional way and I recovered my costs.  He even arrange through  the insurance company to get me home cleaning!

Stephan Dunn

I have been a patient for nearly 10 years. Dr. Ali is patent and caring, and will do everything he can to make me feel my best.

Sarah D'Angelo

THANK YOU Dr. Ali!  I feel very relaxed and energized!  Your treatment has made a big difference in my life!  Thank you! 


I am 26 yrs old and running my own business.  After a full year of sitting in a chair and plugging away at becoming successful, my back was completely shot!

My career was finally exactly where I wanted it to be but because of my pain, I couldn't keep up with my workload and when I did, it was excruciating. 

After just a few weeks of visiting Dr. Ali, I'm back at my feet and thriving at work! Thanks Dr. Ali!


Dr. Ali is a miracle worker.  I hurt my knee the night before I opened "Cats".  With no understudies, healing quickly is imperative.  With Dr. Ali's help, I was back in the show before you could say "catnip"!  

Thanks, Christy Adamson

My asthma, shoulder pain and back pain are now much better thanks to acupuncture and chiropractic treatment from Dr. Ali.  

Many thanks, Anne 

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